Mission Statement

Happy Children - "Your Children  - Our Future"


The Trustees of “Happy Children” are proposing to establish this charity to provide aid and assistance to children, principally through education and self-development.

“Happy Children” believes that by providing opportunities and platforms for all children to develop their potential and gifts, then the future for all human kind can be bright. It is of the opinion that by providing the appropriate environment and tools it will play a necessary role in empowering the youth to face and shape the future.

“Power that comes from Trust, Caring and Goodwill is the kind that produces lasting change. People feel they own it.” (Queen Rania, Jordan)

The Trust therefore does not limit itself to any particular condition or circumstance that may hinder a child’s development but will seriously consider assisting any young person with a disadvantage in his/her development as a human being.

Members of the committee have been inspired to form Happy Children because of their own experiences of young people and also by witnessing, at first hand, the achievements of the youth under very difficult conditions and/or circumstances. They are of the opinion that by helping underprivileged children from a wide range of cultural and socio economic backgrounds, it will address needs within their own communities, raise awareness of those in more privileged positions, and highlight and nurture moral values.

oviding new opportunities for children can lead to new levels of psychological and physical prosperity – “When a girl goes to High School, she is equipped to break the cycle of poverty that shackles her to hopelessness. And when you break the cycle of poverty, you spark a cycle of prosperity. You raise nations.” (Queen Rania, Jordan).

Happy Children views the world as a global village and will endeavour, through its projects, to create greater harmony and awareness within and between communities and cultures.


"Your Children - Our Future"