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Happy Chi Orphanage in Malaysia

The Happy Childen Funded Al Wadi Oprhanage in Maylasia

Here, principal Ustaz Mad Daud Haji Abdul Rahman tells us a bit about the Al Wadi orphanage.

‘The orphanage was first established in July 2001 based in a temporary house in Kampung Charuk Sikin, Kupang, Kedah, Malaysia.  After 2 years of operation, the orphanage was relocated to a permanent residence, the numbers of orphans grew from 18 children to 60 children.

Currently, Al Wadi Orphanage has about 70 children under their care with the help of about 20 volunteers.

Al Wadi Orphanage was introduced to help give out support and educate children from the age of 4 years old to 18 years old who were either orphans or came from very poor family. They undertakes the responsibility from  the villages in the district of Kupang to shelter these children and also make sure that all the children gets proper education from primary school until their secondary level.

It offers children technical/vocational knowledge for them to compete with others once they are ready to leave the orphanage. This knowledge will ensure that they can cope with the real life and hopefully they can contribute back to the society especially to the orphans and under privileged children.

Al Wadi Orphanage operates solely on contributions and donations from people and other organisations. The collection money will be used to operate the orphanage, for their meals, clothing and for their utilities. They sometimes get support from the locality and local government which gave used clothes and raw materials for the children. They are constantly looking for donations from outside. However, as an alternative way to look for funds, t
he children sometime do charity work for the local community for example sing Nasyid (a kind of local music), play Kompang during weddings (traditional instrument), help during Korban/Aqiqah (local festivals and events), help with burial rituals while reciting Quran and other activities.

Even though these activities are done for free, the local community rewards them with either cloths, foods or some monetary donations.   

The orphanage, a non-profitable organisation, was introduced to give help and support and to educated children of 4-18years old who were either orphans or came from very poor families. 

The temporary house first set up was dilapidated and unfit for use as an orphanage and school. Happy Children stepped in with financial aid to rebuild and establish a permanent facility. ‘Al Wadi Orphanage prepares and gives the children technical/vocational knowledge which ensures they can cope with the real life outside of the orphanage.

The donation given by Happy Children gave the children new hope and encouraged the staff to do more for the children...  The children were so happy with the new facilities and were so thankful. The children at Al Wadi have said ‘Terima kasih banyak-banyak Happy Children’ which translates

‘Thank you so so much Happy Children